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-I HAVE GIVEN UP ALL PREVIOUS WIPS DUE TO REAL LIFE ISSUES.- However, new WIPS will most likely hopefully be finished c:
I am working on:
-Levair777s Art Trade of Noel
-FOTL Assisgnment
-Dragon OC refs



Dragon Cave ^^

Needs to be hatched!
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 10:13 PM
Nahk's Journal

Good mother of god. -Flips table-
Everything seems to be a mess.. Literally. It's not clean enough, you don't do enough cleaning, clean more, mess less, clean up after yourself...

I'm sick of those phrases! I'm done with them! My own dad won't even talk to me, my mom, or my brother. We don't know when he will be home because he's ticked at us for 'Not keeping the house clean enough." 

Dude... It's a 114 year old house. It's not going to sparkle. 

Yes.. He has been telling us for awhile... But all of a sudden one night he calls the house. My younger brother answers (2 years younger than I) and apparently he was miffed. He's not home all the time! Only on the weekends if he's lucky. He derives a Big Rig for a job. So he's not home. What does it matter if the house isn't clean? Oh... By the way... The house is clean. The living room, dining room, playroom... It's all clean. The rooms are being worked on, as well as the kitchen and laundry room. He refused to even respond to a text.

earlier, he did send One though. I assume it wasn't for my eyes... But I saw it. It was on my moms phone. He told us that he wouldn't talk to us until he had PROOF that we got some cleaning done. You seriously need proof? Come home, give us hugs and see for yourself! Photo-shoppers work wonders, you know. This is ridiculous. I've known him my whole life (Duh) and he's seriously not talking to us, not giving us a second glance because we didn't dust off a few things? So what if there's a few papers lying around? You don't have to deny us the right to know that you're Okay! You're a TRUCK DRIVER. It's not the safest job in this god forsaken world. Does he even realize the pressure, the stress and denial he's putting us in? For God's sake my younger brother gave me an attitude the second after you called! When he yells at me, I yell back then I GET UPSET. No one in this family likes it especially when I get upset. STUFF. HAPPENS. Our own stinking family is in this little pit of denial right now. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS? YOUVE BEEN ON THE ROAD FOR AWHILE NOW, GOD DANGIT. WE DESERVE TO KNOW THAT YOURE OKAY INSTEAD OF "Clean the house." You had two chances to come home these past what... Three days. And you passed up BOTH OF THEM BECAUSE YOU WERE MAD AT US. My mom told him a few days ago that we made an appointment to take our cat to the vet. Because guess what? He had an allergic reaction, and needed a shot. He needs pretty expensive surgery with money we can't afford to give up. What did you text back? 'Whatever'. Whatever... Seriously? I THOUGHT YOU CARED FOR THAT CAT. I don't think you guys realize, BUT IM FURIOUS RIGHT NOW.

RoxyTheWhiteWolf I'm sorry I had to cut out of FH early.but now you know partially why. Things happen, and we can't do anything to change it. Amina's POV might have to wait quite some time... 

Millitrix,WindWing101,Muzzydice,  And those lovelies at the Rarrentyme community that I can't name for the sake of sanity- Thank you. You have been a major help in my self esteem since January. And I cannot have gotten this far with this much sanity left without you guys. Keep flying. 

BlueKandiiKoori-Tora and all Those on FeralHeart... Everyone.. Except you MateBeggars. You guys can kiss my butt. 
But those friends on there... You are a Major part in this, like it or not. Thank you. Same goes for DD and IL.

Levair777 I'm sorry... But Noel is going to come a little late with the art trade. I'm still in this... But... Allow me to keep my sanity? ^^"

BosleyBoz Please... I know you're reading... Tribe Pranthien's assignment with Briazi... (I dun wanna kill her ;3; ) I'm trying to get it done... But can you keep this journal in mind? Please? I don't know what will happen. But I'm going to camp for a week I a bout two weeks, so I won't be here to even draw a line on it. I did see that Avi is the temporary War Chief. Would you mind if I did the assignment quickly? I could attempt a Chibi... Or even on paper? Thanks..

Guys... Thanks for reading, honestly. -resets table- Now...

Who wants a cookie?

Sorry for Spelling errors. You know... I've a lot on my mind.

  • Mood: Insecure
  • Listening to: Never Too Late- Three Days Grace
  • Reading: A journal.
  • Watching: 2012


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
THANK YOU :iconblackdragonne:blackdragonNE FOR THE WONDERFUL devID! (I'm using it for multiple things, but thanks anyway .u.)

Sign up here--->
Just do it. I will give you cookie.

Sexy Dance by SandyOtakuSuki

My Buddies uvu (Needs tremendous update... Too lazy right now ;-; )
I am missing some yes, will get to you eventually!

First ever fan made skyrim song I heard+loved...EVER :…

LE STAMPS( a few)
Odahviing Stamp by MorgantheKeatonSkyrim Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel:thumb302827572:Alduin Stamp by AuriV1Dark Brotherhood - Shadowmere Stamp by VirulentRequiemFus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonladySkyrim Addict stamp by ChrysalisloverSkyrim Dragons stamp by ChrysalisloverAlduin stamp by ChrysalisloverPaarthurnax stamp by ChrysalisloverDragon Priests stamp by ChrysalisloverSkyrim Holds stamp by ChrysalisloverKhajiit-stamp by hitodama89Kharjo Stamp by TheYUOOdahviing Stamp by CrowClawsPewds. by VAL0VEAin't no party like a PewDiePie Party ! by MikuxLenForeverSon of a Barrel. by VAL0VEPewdiepie Hater Reaction Stamp by Jade-SpadeMiracle of Sound Stamp by LeonandKiraStamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngieI Am A Dragon -Stamp- by sierramedellinI am a Dragon Stamp by tastelessfateDragon Stamp by TeddypottsDragon stamp for Ally by KansaniFirst Animated Stamp - Dragons by Drake09DragonHeart Stamp by KaidaTheDragonStamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieProtected by Dragons stamp by purgatoriStamp: Dragons Need Love Too by FantasyStockAvatars
Thx for actually reading x3 :iconskyrimplz:

-Heavy Breathing- 

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